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About Dala Kvalitetskog

Dala Kvalitetskog AB is a forest management company that carries out clearing and planting on a contract basis. Our business concept is to compete with good quality and good prices. We have the capacity to take on rather large volume jobs. 

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After completing my studies in 1998 at Älvdalens Naturbruksgymnasium [Älvdalen Natural Resource School], I started my first business, Gundhes Skogsservice. This started as a sole proprietorship but over time the number of employees grew. In 2006 we took the step of forming a joint stock company. and Dala Kvalitetsskog AB was formed. This has given a lot of experience of being a forestry entrepreneur and businesses operator. This experience is of great value and benefit to both myself and the company.

Vision and objectives

Our objective is to be one of the leading forest management companies in Dalarna and surrounding area.
We will achieve this through never leaving a bad job behind us, but instead being responsible for our name in all situations – Dala Kvalitetsskog AB.


-CEO Fredrik Gundhe

Dala Kvalitetskog

Our Team

Our planters and clearcutters have the physical competence, motivation and commitment required to carry out the hard work in the forest. We are proud to work with approx. 95 returning seasonal employees, mainly from Thailand.

Together we get the job done!

Rian Kaeohanam


Bengt-Erik Persson

Supervisor clearance

Wichian Kaeohanam

Supervisor planting

Wichian Kaeohanam

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